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“Matt is a skilled coach with a wide variety of experience, perspectives, and insights. After struggling to keep up with the growth and opportunities at our church, we have been able to significantly improve our effectiveness, thanks to ChurchOps Group. Matt is relatable, wise, and clear in his ability to coach leaders to the next level.”

Tim Walker

Lead Pastor, Restored Church, Wilkes-Barre PA (225 Attendance)

“We were stuck. For well over a year our metrics had not budged. We felt this was especially bad since we were only two years old as a church! So I fasted and prayed. The next day I received an email asking if I was interested in coaching! (100% true story.) Since working with Matt our church has experienced a great period of healthy growth. We removed barriers that were holding us back and things took off. Before working with ChurchOps Group we had been stuck at 175 people for over a year. Within one year we were averaging 260. We also had a resource initiative and were able to raise over $300,000 (we were shocked considering the size and age of our church). Our monthly giving also dramatically increased from averaging around $22,000/month to now $30,000/month. Last year we baptized more people than we’ve ever baptized as well.”

Tim Milner

Lead Pastor, Essential Church, Huntsville AL (260 Attendance)

“What our team needed was tangible tools to take the next steps in implementing our vision. ChurchOps Group helped us take some very practical next steps as a team. Our team now has some handles to navigate through the clutter to make the best decisions for our organization going forward. They served us as an honest guide leading us through their experiences and helping us think through the best path for our organization.”

Eric Hoffman

Executive Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Franklin TN (3,000 Attendance)

“ChurchOps has been instrumental to me in helping our church keep up with the season of growth that we find ourselves in. They bring invaluable experience to the table that allows them to help you diagnose the issues you’re facing in your church and then chart a path that fits your context. This is not one-size-fits-all tips and tricks. With ChurchOps you get practitioners who know what you’re facing and are eager to come alongside you to help you lead your church with maximum effectiveness. Whether you’re a church of 100 or 10,000, ChurchOps can help you take the next step.”

Stuart R. Owens

Pastor of Discipleship, Christ Community Church, NC (650 Attendance)

“I think Matt has forgotten more than most people ever know when it comes to the systems, practices, policies that need to be put in place for healthy and flourishing ministry execution. The thing that sets Matt apart, is that he has been doing it for a long time and has learned through both success and failure, how to build and execute great ministry teams and visions. A humble but also very wise leader to be sure!”

Josh Kass

Executive Pastor, Crossbridge Church, Houston TX (750 attendance)

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It is our passion to walk alongside pastors and churches by giving them strategic systems and operational solutions that actually work. Instead of speaking in theories and ideas we drill down into the nuts and bolts of ministry and give you the practical steps to help you succeed.


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