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About ChurchOps Group
About Us
About ChurchOps Group
Acts 16:5

"And the church was strengthened and grew in numbers daily."

Whether plateaued or growing rapidly, every church is a few strategic steps away from reaching the next level. We have partnered with churches of all sizes, shapes, and in different growing seasons and we have never found a church that couldn’t experience even healthier and more sustained growth. Every church faces barriers and complexities that hold them back. We exist to identify those and give you the tools to overcome those obstacles and get to the next level.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

It is our passion to walk alongside pastors and churches by giving them strategic systems and operational solutions that actually work. Instead of speaking in theories and ideas we drill down into the nuts and bolts of ministry and give you the practical steps to help you succeed.

Founder & President

Matt Svoboda

Matt was on staff for 8 years and served as an Executive Pastor at The Bridge Church. He integrated the strategic systems and processes that enabled the church to grow from 250 to 3,300 and be named the 5th fastest growing church in the country in 2018. Matt has a unique ability to identify and solve barriers to growth. He has helped churches from 150 to 13,000 take the necessary steps to reach the next level. He started this company to serve churches by providing quality solutions without breaking the bank (or in his words, “You don’t have to rob Peter to pay Matt”).


Eric Hoffman

Eric serves as the Executive Pastor of Strategic initiatives at Fellowship Bible Church. He is an amazing pastor and leader who has navigated rapid growth, seasons of plateau, top-level leadership changes, and renewed growth. He has seen it all. He specializes in leading large teams through integrating strategic systems and taking the right steps to overcome barriers to build a stronger and growing church.

Director of Strategy & Operational Solutions

Trent Linville, Esq.

Trent serves as the Director of Financial Strategy and Operations for The Bridge Church. He was part of the Executive Leadership Team that saw 48% attendance growth and 55% financial growth year over year. As a licensed attorney, he also provides a unique perspective that enables churches to be in compliance for Human Resources, policies and procedures, governance structure and bylaws, that provide the protection and clarity needed to support the mission.

Marketing Strategist and

Savannah Wilson

Savannah serves as a Marketing Strategist and Consultant. She works to serve churches by creating and improving our content and processes. She has experience serving in churches and coaching marketplace leaders and supervisors. Savannah brings a unique skillset to the the team that enables us to serve local churches at a higher level.


Bryson Leach

Bryson is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in marketing and branding. As a long time Creative Director, he delivers high-quality designs to give your church a look that matches your message and culture. The man is so good he has literally branded an entire city.


Tasha Beene

Tasha serves as the Executive Assistant. Translation: she keeps Matt organized, well prioritized, and makes sure every church working with ChurchOps is well served! She handles a lot of the communication, documentation, and details. Her background is in education, but we are very happy she has joined our team.

Web Design

Tyler Krause

Tyler has built a highly successful business building and optimizing websites for churches and business’. As an SEO expert, Tyler will help everyone looking for a church in your area discover what you are all about. His approach builds trust and drives traffic in order to take the next steps.


Our Blog

Leadership Cohorts for 2020

Leadership Cohorts for 2020

For 2020, we are launching two different, year-long cohorts to provide pastors:  Quarterly 1:1 coaching12 monthly video calls with the entire group Best practices for different ministry systems and organizational leadershipReady to go resources to help you...

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How To Build Strong Ministry Teams

One of the most important things in every healthy church is having strong ministry teams. There are many reasons for it and the purpose of this eBook isn’t to argue why they’re important, but to coach on how to actually build strong ones. For clarity sake...

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Equipping Young Staff

Are you ready to equip and develop your young or new staff members through 9 common issues they face? We have created this free resource and ebook for you!

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