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Strategic Consulting

Systems That Actually Work

The Integrator

7 scalable systems in 12 months
To give you sustainable growth
Get the 7 key ministry systems every church needs for healthy growth. With “The Integrator” we go beyond theory and get into the nuts and bolts of what actually works to attract, retain, and grow people in their discipleship. The Seven Systems: Stewardship Development, Worship Services, Ministry Teams, Assimilation, Groups Network, First Time Guest Experience,  and Annual Planning. Learn how to implement and execute these seven systems to give you healthy, sustainable growth.

The Breakthrough

Discover the barriers
Build a strategy to breakthrough
Every church is threatened with barriers and bottlenecks, no matter the size phase it is in. In 3 days we will give you a full audit of where your church is, identify the primary issues holding you back, and build out a roadmap to overcome. What is holding you back isn’t a lack of desire, prayer, or capacity. Every church and organization simply needs a fresh set of eyes for greater perspective and a guide for a stronger future. Let us be that for you.

Strategic Staffing

A staffing philosophy, plan, & process
That builds the right kind of team
Your church can only be as strong and as healthy as your team. By discovering, defining, and developing the culture you want, we will begin to the build the team you want. Most churches go about staffing without a well thought out philosophy, plan, and process because pastors don’t know where to start. Don’t make mistake after mistake or spend a fortune consistently hiring search firms. There is a better way. Through Strategic Staffing you will be able to hire to your culture and build a scalable strategy.

Why do churches have a compelling vision and message, but still not grow? Why do fast-growing churches have a tendency to quickly stall and plateau?

Too often we discover the landmines by stepping on them and have systems that get in our own way. ChurchOps Group is all about giving you the systems you need to avoid landmines, breakthrough growth barriers, and reach the next level. Healthy, sustained growth requires strategic systems in every area that are clear, efficient, and able to create movement.

A Few Other Ways We Can Partner

  • 12 month virtual Executive Team Coaching.
  • Onsite visits: consulting on any particular system, retreats with your team.
  • Annual Planning and goal setting utilizing the 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Join an ongoing Pastors Cohort for community, peer to peer coaching, and accountability
  • Put a ChurchOps Group staff member on retainer 
  • Sunday Morning Experience Audit
  • One Hour Coaching Calls

Vital things to know before hiring a church consulting firm.

The ability to strategically target the individual needs of your church is imperative. Don’t let key areas be left out by hiring a church consulting firm that doesn’t focus on the big picture. When researching firms, you will need to understand what denomination they are and understand how it aligns with yours. Without that understanding, you may face many barriers that may limit, or impede your specific needs. There is no miracle solution that can be applied to everything, you need a diagnosis of your specific situation. With that information, you need to obtain a plan of action, with a clear and concise process. Something not to forget is going over what experience the firm has, and if it aligns with your needs.

Some problems that occur with church consulting.

Restricted Knowledge. Regardless of how careful the church consultant and his group are, they will never become acquainted with the congregation like the congregation initiative group knows the congregation. Each congregation has one of a kind subtleties that are significant with regards to incredible development arranging.

Confined Discovery. The church consultant normally will accumulate the certainties from reports, spreadsheets, center gatherings, people, and a portion of the individual experience. The individual commonly will at that point search for strings of coherence around center difficulties and endeavor to reach determinations. It’s uncommon the ends are right on target and are regularly in left field.

The absence of Conviction. The procedure normally prompts an absence of conviction with respect to the group. The very group that must presently proceed to choose what to do about the “discoveries”, questions the report. Envision the cracks that can and do happen when a large portion of the group trusts the feelings and discoveries, and the other portion of the group does not.

Misty Priorities. Presently, a group is stacked with a huge amount of choices, and possibly some heading from the church consulting process, yet there is regularly no feeling of what’s most vital to pushing the congregation ahead. Which is the correct issue to fix first? What is the greatest issue? Would it be advisable for us to begin there or blast out the simple stuff first? What’s more, coincidentally, paying little heed to the methodology, there’s a decent possibility a large portion of the group won’t concur!

What is church consulting?

“Church consulting services” is a procedure in which church pioneers collaborate with an outside “Professional” to distinguish and address issues influencing the wellbeing, performance, and heading of the congregation.

What does a church consultant do?

A church consultant helps to determine issues within the church, giving their expertise and guidance to strengthen the leadership. They also aid in the correction of any issues found as well as giving insight on how to prevent future problems.

Do you need a church consultant?

Do you feel “stuck” as an assembly and uncertain how to get going ahead? On the off chance that your gathering is at least 40 years of age, at that point it is almost certain it is encountering a slow decrease in cooperation, giving, and so forth. There may not be any real “issue” anybody can name, however, the assemblage may, in any case, feel helpless to gain ground. Church consultant services can enable the assembly to recognize the obstructions keeping it down, and the benefits God has given the assembly that can enable it to push ahead and prosper.

Is there an issue or test you are confronting that is out of your scope of experience or aptitude to address? Assemblages face interesting difficulties today. By and large, there is no reasonable point of reference to control them to a functional arrangement. Focus specialists have profound and wide-running ranges of abilities that they can use to enable assemblies to investigate the “abnormal new world” of mission and service in 2016 and past.

Do you need an outside point of view of somebody who has no personal stake other than the wellbeing and essentials of your church? It’s simple for gathering individuals to wind up so acquainted with their circumstance that it’s difficult to be objective. Is your congregational “glass” half-vacant, or half-full? Would it be advisable for you to be worried about your future wellbeing and imperativeness? Or then again would you say you are progressing nicely and being loyal stewards of God’s blessings? It very well may be useful to have another arrangement of eyes and ears to give criticism and help you see things that you may some way or another neglect or miss by and large in your voyage toward congregational wellbeing.

Is hiring a church consultant a good decision?

A church consultant distinguishes what choices should be made and can see things from an outside perspective that insiders frequently overlook. This can help pull your church out of a trench, the individual in question will aid in the creation of a path for those choices. The church consulting process will also bring an abundance of experience and knowledge. It will also bring certainty that you’re settling on the correct choice through the wisdom increased through their involvement. This expert will help mitigate the weight of you settling on the choice without the worry of failure. This is done by getting the opportune individuals around the leadership table. Having the ideal individuals associated with the leadership process, for the most part, prompts the correct choices.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

It is our passion to walk alongside pastors and churches by giving them strategic systems and operational solutions that actually work. Instead of speaking in theories and ideas we drill down into the nuts and bolts of ministry and give you the practical steps to help you succeed.

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