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Acts 16:5

"And the church was strengthened and grew in numbers daily."

Whether plateaued or growing rapidly, every church is a few strategic steps away from reaching the next level. We have partnered with churches of all sizes, shapes, and in different growing seasons and we have never found a church that couldn’t experience even healthier and more sustained growth. Every church faces barriers and complexities that hold them back. We exist to identify those and give you the tools to overcome those obstacles and get to the next level.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

It is our passion to walk alongside pastors and churches by giving them strategic systems and operational solutions that actually work. Instead of speaking in theories and ideas we drill down into the nuts and bolts of ministry and give you the practical steps to help you succeed.

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Solutions That
Help You Scale

“We have paid twice as much and waited twice as long for solutions that are half as good.”


Systems That
Actually Work

“Strategic leadership and systems that helped us scale from 250 people to over 3,000.”


Level Up Your Leadership

“I honestly feel
like I am
twice the leader
I was.”

Why ChurchOps Group?

With decades of leadership experience, ChurchOps Group has assembled a great team to do whatever it takes to get your church to the next level. It is our belief that every church is a few steps away from having healthy, sustainable, scalable growth. We use an affordable pricing structure while delivering the highest quality services and solutions. We don’t stop at sharing principles, we become practitioners alongside you as we partner in ministry together.


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