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Remember when you were called to ministry? Your dreams about how to keep cash flow in a good place and build out a long term financial strategy, dealing with crisis situations, understanding marketing algorithms, and building a website? Didn’t think so. We are a team of experts to do the things you hate doing.

We know the whirlwind of chasing down ten different contract relationships and spending a ton of unnecessary money while we found the right people and solutions that work. We want to save you time and money. Let us worry about your operational solutions so you can do the things only you can do. ChurchOps Group guarantees high-quality solutions with a budget-friendly pricing structure. Our goal is to give you the maximum return on your investment as you take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise.

Remote Executive Pastor Services: 

Do you need what an Executive Pastor offer, but can’t pay the price or aren’t ready organizationally? You can hire ChurchOps Group to function as an Executive Pastor to help get your systems, structures, processes, and culture established and prepared for when you’re ready to bring on your future Executive Pastor.

Emotional Wellness, EQi, and Staff Care: 

In partnership with Famous At Home, this service gives the Lead Pastor support in his emotional wellness and partners with the entire staff to help the team lead from an emotionally and spiritually strong place. Ministry is hard and we want to make sure your staff has the support and encouragement that helps them last for the long haul.  

Financial Solutions:

Evaluate generosity development system, build long term financial strategy that aligns with the vision of the church, create forecasting model to enable projections of cash flow and annual budget, and build a metrics dashboard to keep track of where things are and where they are headed.

Human Resources Solutions:

Staff structure evaluation and build out a two year staffing plan, review compensation strategy and set salary bands, establish employee handbook, and be a virtual operations partner.

Legal Solutions:

Governance structure and bylaws, policies, and procedures, and HR compliance.


10 roadblocks to church revitalization

Solace/Struggle to change.
This topic has been repeated often. Yet, there is an explanation behind the excess: It’s valid. Until our congregation chiefs and individuals divert the pivotal point of self-serving to serving others, ministry health will be increasingly worried about their own desires. This demeanor prompts solace and resistance to change.

Absence of information.
With so many of churches being neglectful when reaching beyond their own walls, there is an absence the knowledge on how to get out of the rut and revitalize. By ensuring the proper church structure you will be able to improve these processes. Don’t forget that many church leaders and members have good intents; they merely don’t know the next steps.

Despondency and pessimism.
It’s a malicious and lethal cycle. Churches will begin to decline. This decline leads to misery and defeatism. When attempting church revitalization keeping a close eye on these issues will improve growth.

Perceptions that programs are an end rather than a means.
There are two improper mindsets about projects. The first is to discard projects and resources inside and out. That is simply not astute with the prosperity of amazing projects available.

Magic bullet syndrome.
This hindrance views the route toward church revitalization to be one simple solution. It could be the information noted above. It could be a calling of a youthful pastor without any other deviations.

Absence of mindfulness about the network.
When you are in need of a church revitalization you may not really know the community in which they are situated. When you open your eyes to the community’s demographics and needs, many will be shocked about their misunderstandings.

Evangelistic indifference.
This barricade is prevalent in our churches. If the gospel is not being shared, how can it reach the people?

Avoidance of fault.
Sadly, we have all heard on more than one instance when members of deteriorating churches blame the community members for not coming to their worship services. Ministry health will not move progress until the leaders and members take accountability for their responsibility to the Great Commission.

Brief initiative.
Diminishing churches often view the subsequent pastor, typically a younger pastor, as a magic bullet. Although even with a new pastor secured if no other changes are made, the church will continue to weaken.

Inability to consider being obtained by another church.
Unfortunately, many will find a church structure repeats the patterns noted above, they could be on the edge of closing. At this point, you should set a clear path to the revitalization of your church. To make a necessary sacrifice by allowing a healthy church to aid in a dramatic change that will benefit your future.

Four methods of church revitalization.

1. Repair. Some churches merely need to reboot how they go about doing handling their church structure. Even with a passion for the missing, knowledge of their Bibles and living a life of holiness. Although for some reason it seems like ministry cannot be done. With a strong leader, and training this can be improved.

2. Change. Churches can lose the emphasis on what is needed. This can present a challenge to church leadership. If leadership was to refocus their attention on what is needed rather than only focusing on the good, improvement will be found.

3. Start Over. A possible move that some churches can take for revitalization is to attempt to re-start. Celebrating the ministry health and heritage of years past and marking a clear end to the past to ensure a new, bright future.

4. Let Go. There is a possibility that some churches will close sadly to never be opened again. Membership can diminish for a multitude of reasons, economy, age, some will move closer to home, and this can cause history to be lost. Although by letting go of the past and moving toward church revitalization it can aid in the path ahead.

Church organization and church structure.

When it comes to a church organization its structure will be based on its purpose. When you have structure, it gives you the ability to pursue your organization’s purpose. You must also determine the mission of your church, having structure will aid in the process of pursuing that mission. Even if you don’t have a set structure already in motion its not to late you can always reconstruct or build this structure in your church. This will also give you the ability to help others know where they belong in the church. Nearly everyone wants to feel as though they belong, giving them the ability to do so aids in the process of people sharing common values, interests, and their own perspectives.

What is a church management system?

When it comes to management you may find that it can be overwhelming. There is help and one way of doing this is with a church management system. This can have a massive effect when it comes to ministry health. A church management system is a software that will aid and automate countless activates needed to ensure a smooth operating organization. Some items that this can help with include membership, contributions, events, education, and many more. There is no shortage of vendors providing church management systems with many tools to choose from.

How to structure your church for growth.

When it comes to growth it can become overwhelming, it may feel like you cannot stop working. As a leader you will need to ensure that you have the proper church structure, so your time is used efficiently. Even though the demands for your time will grow, good management will improve growth. If you are already in this position no worries a change can be made. A key role in keeping your church growing is to structure your staff in a way that it’s beneficial, and roles are clear. Small staff improvements can be made to ensure success for your church.

7 characteristics of a healthy church structure.

1: Many decisions can, and are made by leaders within the ministry.

This is extremely important, due to the fact that those in charge of the ministry are most qualified to make important decisions. When there are large groups or committees that attempt to make decisions, it can complicate decisions. If you are having these issues no worries you can always move forward in your church revitalization.

2: Employees/ team members should build their own teams.

When a leader is restricted from building their own team it can be a formula for tragedy. There can be a multitude of struggles, lack of understanding, and frustration.

3: Policies and procedures are minimized.

Would you want to read a fifty-page pamphlet on how to greet someone at the door with a smile? By keeping these to a minimum it can prevent future issues.

4: Pols are infrequent.

If you were to vote on every aspect of the church how would anything be accomplished? Although its completely understandable to vote on things such as budget, or expansions. If you are struggling with this, you may need to consider church revitalization. By letting leaders make decisions it can drastically improve your church structure.

5: A yearly financial assessment as well as sturdy internal control concerning money.

A great church structure will let leaders lead, but also ensure exceptional care is taken regarding finances. Although it has been seen that this is often backwards, having good accountability when it comes to finances is important.

6: Structural charts are kept fluid and nimble.

As your church grows your current structure may seem less helpful and more like a hindrance. As you grow you will experience the need to restructure in order to keep progress. You may find the need to have new levels of leadership, different types of communication, and possibly new processes altogether.

7: Hierarchy should be avoided.

More companies are proving that less hierarchical leadership and a more organic approach is far more effective. If you hire the right people to accomplish the task at hand, then you will continue to see improvement and worry less about failure.

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