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Without Leaving Your Office

Executive Pastor Cohort

12 one hour video calls in 12 months

Each month you will tackle a new system in a way that helps you implement and execute in an effective way. You’ll be learning from someone who integrated these systems in a church that grew from 250 people to 3,300 in 7 years. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to apply it to your specific context while networking with other pastors who are walking through the same barriers.

“Being in the Executive Pastor Cohort has helped me immediately implement positive changes in our ministries that helped us welcome, assimilate, and disciple new people. Matt’s knowledge and experience have been extremely beneficial in answering my questions while helping me plan for the future.” – Joe Mullarkey – Monroe Evangelical Free Church – Monroe, NE

Build A Staffing Plan

4 video calls in 4 weeks

Too many churches have no plan and strategy for their #1 asset: their team. This is a major problem, especially given staffing usually takes up at least 50% of your budget. I know a church that wasted over $35,000 for six weeks of work on one bad hire. A small investment on the front end can save you tens of thousands of dollars on the back end. We will cover developing a hiring philosophy, hiring to values, and building a hiring process. The quality and health of your church is a direct reflection of the quality and health of your staff.

“Matt’s ability to structure a staff and identify the leaders necessary to facilitate growth and health is the best I’ve ever seen.” Josh Howerton – Lakepointe Church, Dallas TX

Leadership 101

12 video calls in 12 months

No matter your position, if you want to grow as a leader, this is the intensive for you. This intensive will dive into different skills to help you better lead yourself, lead others, and be the team member everybody wants.

“As a pastor at a young church plant of 200 and growing, I felt like I was hitting some serious barriers as a leader because of my own lack of leadership experience. I decided to do some coaching with Matt and it has been a GAME CHANGER. I honestly feel like I am twice the leader I was.” – Ryan Miller- Restored Church- Wilkes-Barre, PA



How to reduce turnover with church leadership training?

Many wonder what can lower turnover rates, this can be a complicated question. Although it does not have to be. With church leadership training you can overcome many obstacles that may seem obvious. For instance, if you are to hire the proper team you can lower turnover. By ensuring you are hiring the proper people you will find that not only will they be happy but excel at their role.

Three reasons why team members fail.

The first reason why team members will fail is due to church leadership. An example of this would be who is hired in, if you hire employees who are detrimental to the church then it falls on leadership.

The second reason how team members can fail is due to personal problems. Personal problems come in many shapes, sizes, and times. You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball, and this can harm how team members perform.

Third is due to incompetence although this is impossible to overcome. A good example of this would be an employee that is great with talking to others but does not know how to initiate a conversation. With proper church training, you can grow their abilities.

How to find a high-quality team?

When it comes to finding the right team member it may be difficult, but that does not mean you should settle for anyone. It can be a far more efficient process with proper church training programs. For instance, you should slow down your hiring process. If you take your time in hiring someone the first time you won’t have to worry about that person fitting in.

Why church training matters?

Training, at any point, is basic to both the structure and soundness of the Church. Similarly, you wouldn’t give your vehicle to somebody without a license, so why would you allow someone to represent you without the proper training? With church training resources readily available you can improve not only the overall health of the church but ensure they represent you appropriately.

Crucial leadership conversations to have.

When it comes to crucial leadership conversations being able to understand what others need, and how you can help them to obtain a great outcome. With church training programs you can educate yourself on how to become a better listener and improve your ability to understand their needs. One also has to understand that you must be honest while being respectful. This usually goes one way or the other, you don’t want to hurt others or your honest and don’t consider their feelings. With additional church training resources, you will be able to have these conversations on a new level. Helping to ensure that each conversation is successful.

7 great online church training resources

Life church

Open resources

12 stone

New spring

Elevation church

Wanting to grow and learn as a leader, but limited on time? Trying to find skills and systems that will grow your church? Needing some external voices and churches walking through the same things as you?

The goal of our intensives are to help every pastor lead like King David, “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; and with skillful hands he led them.” Psalm 78:72. Our online intensives are designed to teach pastors skills and systems that will help them grow as a leader. We will go from high level leadership to the nuts and bolts of ministry. You will be able to take what you learn and apply them to your context for greater impact in your church.

In our intensives you receive:

  • Principles and practices of different skills and systems
  • Opportunity to ask questions that apply to your ministry
  • Community with other Pastors to learn and grow with
  • Downloadable resources
  • Engaging the Whole Heart- 4 weeks
  • Getting the Most out of your Weekend Services- 4 weeks
  • Creating the Culture You Want- 6 weeks
  • Stewardship Development- 4 weeks
  • Having A Successful Capital Campaign- 4 weeks
  • Ensuring Emotional Health and Care For Elders and Staff- 4 weeks
  • Groups Network that Actually Works- 4 weeks
  • Goal Setting, Annual Planning, and Calendaring To Generate Momentum- 4 weeks
  • Assimilation Process- 6 weeks
  • Developing Strong Ministry Teams and a Healthy Volunteer Culture- 4 weeks

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It is our passion to walk alongside pastors and churches by giving them strategic systems and operational solutions that actually work. Instead of speaking in theories and ideas we drill down into the nuts and bolts of ministry and give you the practical steps to help you succeed.

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