For 2020, we are launching two different, year-long cohorts to provide pastors: 

  1. Quarterly 1:1 coaching
  2. 12 monthly video calls with the entire group 
  3. Best practices for different ministry systems and organizational leadership
  4. Ready to go resources to help you quickly implement what you learn 
  5. Connection with other pastors in your same stage 

The two cohorts: 

Under 500 Cohort (Lead Pastors), we will cover the categories below, but with a specific emphasis on setting up your systems, culture, and staffing to scale past the 500 mark. To keep this smaller and more targeted, we will keep this to 5 pastor per cohort or less.   

Executive Pastor Cohort, we will cover the categories below, but with a specific emphasis on leading from the second chair. 

Categories we will cover in both cohorts: 

  • Building a good metrics dashboard: what you measure, gets better. 
  • Stewardship and Generosity Development System
  • Culture Triad: Values, Behaviors, Axioms
  • Staffing: hiring to culture, staff structure, hiring process
  • Connections and First Time Guest Experience 
  • Assimilation 
  • Groups Network: structure, rhythms, recruiting and training leaders
  • Ministry Teams: developing great teams, building a strong volunteer culture
  • Worship Services: making Sundays great, leading people to next steps
  • 4DX: goal setting and execution throughout your staff and teams

The other two calls will be specific to the cohort. 

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